Mighty Tieton

Our Story

Small is big.

I rode my bicycle into Tieton for the first time in April 2005. I ran over a patch of goathead thorns in an abandoned parking lot, popping both tires. As I repaired them in the park in the center of town I noticed a number of empty buildings and storefronts that were for sale or rent. I told some friends and professional colleagues about Tieton. They visited and saw some potential too.

During the next several months the group grew. We invited still more of our creative, urban, professional friends to Tieton to imagine how these buildings might be reconsidered and refurbished. Our consensus was that Tieton could become an incubator for artisan businesses. Mighty Tieton was formed, it purchased several of the buildings, and this ambitious endeavor was launched.

In the past eight years, Mighty Tieton has attracted many talented individuals who have contributed to the vision in diverse and substantial ways. Together, we have made impressive progress. Two large warehouses, a church, and a storefront  have been developed and refurbished. Studios and production facilities are active and productive. Tieton Lofts is home to many of the original Mighty Tietonians.

A dozen new businesses have started up. Our place in the community is secure. Mighty Tieton’s reputation grows.

We continue to invite and attract others who will bring their own ideas and resources to help build on what Mighty Tieton has started.

-- Ed Marquand