Mighty Tieton

Highland Community Days

When: Friday, August 27 – 29, 2010

Where: Tieton Park and Environs

The biggest annual community event in Tieton, Highland Community Days is a classic small town celebration held the last weekend in August.

This celebration has been going on for decades, and it's still a blast. From the Saturday morning parade that begins at 9:45 sharp, to the street dancing, food vendors, crafts booths, and Mexican dancing horses, it's a weekend of fun.  The Seattle to Tieton bus will be in the parade this year!

To be in the parade, it's free, download this form.  You can bike, skateboard, whatever!

To be a vendor, just $25, download this form.  We have about 30 vendors and growing!  Peddle your wares!

For information or to reserve a booth or spot in the parade contact Staci Fordahl at 509-952-1928 or staci4dahl@centurytel.net.

For lodging click here.